North Warwickshire Borough Waiting Restrictions and On-Street Parking Places Variation 3 (Electric Vehicles)

As part of its commitment to put environmental issues at the heart of its decision making, a number of electric vehicle charging points are being installed on-street in Warwickshire County.

Scheme overview

It is proposed that two bays at the northern end of the parking bays are to be made available for electric vehicle charging only. Hybrid vehicles will be permitted to use the bays provided they are being charged. This will remove eligibility for parking for non-electric vehicles in these bays. The remainder of the parking bay will have electric vehicle charging points available, but will also remain available for use by non-electric vehicles.

Traffic orders and public notices

A copy of the proposed order, together with a copy of the statement of the council’s reasons for proposing to make the order are shown below.

Technical plans


Any enquiries relating to the proposals may be made to Jon Rollinson, Communities Directorate, Warwickshire County Council (telephone number 01926 412 536).


If you wish to object to any of the proposals, details of how to make an objection are contained within the Public Notices. Objections must be received in writing and the grounds in which they are made must be stated. All correspondence will normally be treated as public documents and may be communicated to other persons affected (personally identifiable information will be redacted in line with General Data Protection Regulations)

Please note we can also accept representations via email sent to [email protected].

The objection period ends on the 5 February 2021.

Published: 14th January 2021

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